Support and services available

The support that's available to your child depends on their age, their learning support needs, and how many other children in their area need learning support.

What support is available for my child?

Most children with learning support needs will be in regular early childhood education services (ECE), kōhanga reo, schools or kura and have extra help to support their needs provided by them.

If your child is one of the small number of children with high needs, their ECE service, kōhanga reo, school or kura will also approach the Ministry of Education's learning support team to provide extra help from specialists, or support for your child's teacher.

The Government funds schools and kura, and the Ministry, to provide learning support, so if you require these services they are free to you.

The services and support available are particular to the age of your child. Have a read of what might be available in the section that fits your child's age:

It is important that you feel that your child and their needs are understood, and that you are getting all the support that is available to you. Your child's ECE service, kōhanga reo, school or kura are there to support you and your child, so get to know them well and work in partnership with them. You can also talk to the Ministry's learning support team (external link)whenever you want.

Can I get funding for special equipment?

Special equipment, or assistive technology, is equipment like computers, alternative keyboards, special seating, hearing equipment, software and other devices that are used to support your child. Assistive technology allows children with special learning needs to do something that would otherwise be difficult or impossible for them. The Ministry can fund schools and kura to buy this equipment if your child needs it to be able to learn.

If the equipment is specialised, the Ministry's learning support team or specialists will help your child and their teachers to learn to use the new equipment.

How do I apply for assistive technology support?

Your school or kura will need to apply and your child might need to try out a range of equipment to find what works best for them. 

This support is for individual students with special learning needs, not groups of students. Your child might be able to get assistive technology support as well as other learning support.

If your child is at a private school or is home schooled, they might still be able to receive assistive technology support.

Find out more about assistive technology support on the main Ministry of Education website.

Assistive technology — Ministry of Education website(external link)

Will the school make changes so my child can get around buildings, participate and learn?

If your child uses a wheelchair, needs to use handrails, or needs other changes to school or kura buildings, the school or kura will need to know about this well before your child starts with them.

The school or kura is responsible for making changes to their buildings to enable your child to safely get around. They will follow a process that involves you, the property team at the Ministry of Education and a physiotherapist or occupational therapist from the Ministry's learning support team.

The physiotherapist or occupational therapist will do an assessment of the school environment and recommend any changes that need to be made.

Can I get help with transport costs?

If your child needs help with transport between home and school or kura for mobility or safety reasons, they might be able to get Specialist School Transport Assistance (SESTA). How much help they get is based on their needs and the nearest school that can meet their needs.

For more information about applying for SESTA, what's covered and what's not, see Specialised School Transport Assistance


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