Keeping schools up to date with your information

Schools can deal with issues that need immediate attention, such as attendance, absences, urgent wellbeing concerns, escalating problems and emergencies.

That's why it's important to keep your contact details (address, email and telephone number) up to date at all times. This means your children's school can get in touch with you quickly when they need to.

New caregivers or guardians

You need to let school know if the legal guardian of your child changes or if you have a parenting order in place. 

Things you should do:

  • Give school any new contact details - especially an address and telephone number. 
  • Let them know if any pick up arrangements for your child have changed.
  • Let them know who should have access to your child's learning information

Communication with school if you're late

Teachers supervise the school grounds and nearby areas for a short period before and after school or until the last school bus leaves.

If you are running late to pick up your child, contact a parent friend to see if they can wait with your child until you arrive or give the school office a call.

You don't have to tell the school who is picking up your child unless you have a protection order or specific arrangements about someone who cannot have access to your child. 

Communication with school during and after a separation

If you are going through a separation, a big consideration will be how the day-to-day care of your child will be managed. 

A parenting plan (and more formally a parenting order) can clarify drop-off and pick-up arrangements. It can be helpful to let the school know the usual pattern of drop-offs and pick-ups so they know who to contact in case of sickness or emergency.

Questions to consider

  • Which of us will tell the school that our children's family circumstances have changed?
  • Will we go to parent-teacher meetings together?
  • How will we decide on our children's school subjects?
  • Which one of us will tell the school that reports and notices need to be sent to both of us?

Protection orders

If you have a protection order in place with a previous partner, you'll need to tell school. Let them know exactly who is allowed to visit your child or pick them up.

If you have a protection order against a person, and they are seen to breach the order, the school has the right to call the police if they arrive at the school. The Police can arrest anyone breaching a protection order. 

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