NCEA and Scholarship exams

Check out some useful tips for helping your child. Also find out where to go to keep up to date with exam information.

NCEA and Scholarship exams are the coming together of years of work for your child.  It can also be a nervous time - for everyone.

The most important thing over the exam period is to keep talking to your child and encouraging them:

  • ask them how their study is going
  • keep a check on their stress levels
  • talk to them after each exam about how it went
  • ask them if there is anything you can do at home to help them.

Here are some more tips to get through this time:

  • make sure your child has a place at home to study
  • balance study and free time - their study won't be as effective if they don't have breaks
  • make sure they are taking care of themselves - eating healthily and getting enough sleep
  • check that they are well prepared - they know when and where their exams are, what they need to take, and have transport plans
  • talk to your child's teachers if you have any questions or worries
  • celebrate their successes.

You can also double check the exam timetable on NZQA's website(external link)

Good luck - for every exam success and for some well deserved holidays afterwards.

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