Ways to get involved

Your child will learn best when what they're doing and learning at home is connected with what they're doing and learning at their early learning service or Kōhanga Reo. That's why it's important that you get involved as much as you can.

How to get involved with your early learning service

There are many ways to get involved with your child’s early learning service and this will encourage greater learning. You'll play a more regular and bigger role if your child goes to a parent-led service. But you can be involved at a teacher-led service too.

Find out what your child is doing and learning

Talk to your child’s educators so together you can support your child's learning. Early learning services and Kōhanga Reo should regularly talk with you about how your child is doing, what their interests and abilities are, and involve you in making decisions about your child.

Here are some of the ways you might also get involved:  

  • share news about what's happened at home and at the early learning service or Kōhanga Reo
  • bring special treasures/taonga from home to share
  • display things your child makes at the service at home
  • share photographs between the early learning service or Kōhanga Reo and home – of special people, important events and everyday learning.

Talking openly will also help you learn more about how the early learning service or Kōhanga Reo is run, and help educators learn more about your family or whānau and communities who are part of your child’s life.

Spend time with your child at the service

Your early learning service or Kōhanga Reo will encourage you to spend time there regularly, joining in and just having fun. This helps build your relationship with the them. 

You can share information about your child’s family history or whakapapa, your family culture and customs with the educators. Offer to share your skills or knowledge with the children, eg cooking, crafts or gardening.

Other ways of spending time at the early learning service or Kōhanga Reo are:

  • parent evenings
  • special events
  • staying a few extra minutes whenever you can.

Get to know Te Whāriki

By becoming familiar with Te Whāriki you will:

  • understand how your child’s early learning service designs quality learning programmes
  • feel confident to ask questions and contribute to your child’s learning and development
  • get a better understanding of the learning stories, portfolios or other evidence of learning that your child brings home.

Find out more about Te Whāriki and what your child will learn.

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