Special schools with ECE services

There are some special schools that can provide early childhood education (ECE) services if your child is deaf or hard of hearing, blind or has low vision.

Can my child attend a special school, and how do I apply?

This support is available when your child has high or very high needs and their local ECE service doesn't meet their needs. They'll require a high level of support with learning, vision, hearing, mobility or language use and social communication.

Your child may need to have the curriculum adapted for them, and may need support from specialist staff, additional teaching time and teacher's aide support.

To apply for a place at the ECE service of a special school contact your local Learning Support Office.

Schools for children who are deaf or hard of hearing 

These schools can provide education programmes and specialist services if your child is deaf or hard of hearing. Both have residential schools, specialist ECE services, and resource centres. The schools cater for children aged 2-21.

Schools for children who are blind or have low vision

BLENNZ services work across New Zealand from a main campus, Homai Campus School, in Auckland and regional Visual Resource Centres throughout the country.

A Resource Teacher: Vision will come to you at home at the time of diagnosis or visit you at your child’s ECE service or school to support you - wherever suits you best.

There’s also an option to attend the ECE service situated on the BLENNZ Homai Campus in Manurewa, Auckland, for children aged 0-6 who are blind, deafblind or have low vision.

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