Starting school

Who can I talk to at the school or kura about my child's needs?

If your child is having difficulties, you can talk to:

What types of support are available at school or kura?

Schools and kura provide support for the majority of children with learning support needs. Talk with your school or kura about how they can use the Special Education and Operations Grant to support your child. They can also bring in support for your child and their teachers and kaiako from resource teachers - learning and behaviour, literacy, vision or deaf. 

If your child is one of a small number of children who needs a very high level of support to learn, you may be able to get support through the following services from the Ministry's learning support team:

  • Ongoing Resourcing Scheme
  • School High Health Needs Fund
  • Severe Behaviour Service
  • Communication Service
  • transport assistance
  • assistive technology
  • school property modifications.

If your child needs this level of support your school or kura will approach the Ministry on your behalf. 

What else can I expect from the school or kura?

Your school will either apply or help you to apply for services and support. Your child's teacher or kaiako is likely to have more face-to-face contact with specialists because they will work with your child at school.

If your child has an Individual Education Plan (IEP) the school or kura will organise regular meetings with your child's support team to review and update it as your child develops.

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