New Zealand Sign Language interpreters for Deaf parents

Ministry of Education funded New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) interpreters are available for Deaf parents to help you be involved in your child's education.

Being involved in your child's education really makes a difference. It's important for you to be able to have conversations with your child's teachers about how your child is doing, take part in parent-teacher meetings and go to special assemblies.

What interpreter help is available when my child is at school?

If your child is attending a state or state-integrated school or kura, the Ministry of Education funds NZSL interpreters to go with you to: 

  • school enrolment meetings

  • formal parent-teacher meetings

  • Individual Education Plan (IEP) meetings

  • prize givings and special assemblies

  • any other meetings with school staff where any aspect of your child's education is being discussed.

There's no charge to you or to the school for NZSL interpreters for these meetings and special events - the Ministry covers the cost.

Booking an interpreter

The Ministry has contracted Wordsworth Interpreting to provide an NZSL interpreter service for you.

Make a booking — Wordsworth Sign Language Interpreters(external link)

My child is at an ECE service.  Can I get a funded NZSL interpreter?

No.  Currently funded NZSL interpreters are only available for specific parent-teacher meetings and events when your child is at school.

This may change in the future as more work is done considering how to best support Deaf parents at the times you need to formally meet with your ECE service.  If it does, you'll read about it here.

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