More support for Pacific parents via Talanoa Ako radio broadcast and mobile app

To support distance learning, this year’s Talanoa Ako programme will be available to Pacific families via radio broadcast and a mobile app.

Talanoa Ako will provide key information, as well as tips on how to support your children with distance learning.

The radio programme will be aired on the Pacific Media Network (PMN) station in 7 Pacific languages and English. The first session starts on Monday 20 April 2020. Access the full radio schedule from the Learning from Home website.

Talanoa Ako radio – Learning from Home(external link)

The mobile app will go live in late May and will be free to download for iOS and Android devices. 

Both the radio and app will also supplement post COVID-19 local delivery of Talanoa Ako by the community partners in 65 locations. The partners  will lead the on-ground support for Pacific parents and their communities.

Visit our Talanoa Ako page for more information about the programme and partners.

Talanoa Ako partners(external link)

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