PPTA further industrial action - our guidance for parents of secondary students

Updated: 13 June 2019 – Secondary teachers have cancelled the regional rolling strike action that had been planned for the next week beginning 17 June 2019. This follows last week’s Ministerial Forum.

"Rostering home" of students by Year level (partial strike)

PPTA has notified Boards and the Ministry that its teacher members will be “rostering home” secondary students by year level on a particular day in each of weeks 6, 7, 9 and 10 of Term 2. 

This means that PPTA members will not be teaching secondary students by year level, for one day a week starting next week, but schools will stay open. Schools are required to provide instruction for students if they can, and supervision if they cannot.


Date of action

Year group affected

Week 6

Tuesday 4 June

Year 9

Week 7


Year 10

Week 9

Tuesday 25 June

Year 11

Week 10

Tuesday 2 July

Year 12

The Ministry and NZSTA have advised Boards of Secondary Schools that the considerations for such a partial strike by year level are essentially the same as for a full strike affecting the whole school.

  1. The top priority is student safety.
  2. Secondary schools cannot close for instruction because a year level "partial" strike is underway.
  3. Secondary schools need to ensure that parents know about the year level strike and are required to send their children to school since the school will be open for instruction.
  4. Secondary school Boards are legally required to provide instruction if they can, and supervision if they can’t for any student who turns up. Boards are still responsible for students' health and safety.

Updated guidance for boards of Secondary Schools

In the light of the "rostering home" (partial strike) and planned regional strikes, the Ministry of Education and the New Zealand School Trustees Association (NZSTA) have updated the original guidance material for secondary school Boards on planning and preparing for a strike by secondary teachers.

Guidance for boards on NZEI and PPTA strikes — NZSTA

Leaving children home alone

In New Zealand, it is against the law to leave children under 14 years of age without making reasonable provision for their care and supervision.

Leaving children home alone — Govt.nz


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